Design, host, and send emails and texts.

All from one place - with a simple API.

Effective communication across multiple platforms and formats is complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming to get right. Enveloop makes it a simple API call.

Enveloop Template Builder UI


Design with Ease.

Whether you start fresh or use some of our beautifully designed templates, Enveloop's fast, responsive & visual UI and thoughtfully-built components make it enjoyable to create emails and texts that are guaranteed to work.

Plus, we've included developer-friendly formatting options, including full Markdown support and Mustache for dynamic content.

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Easy-to-Add Components

Enveloop includes numerous useful section layouts and components that make building out emails effortless. Add them to your message out of the box or customize to fit your needs.

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Pre-designed Templates

From basic light and dark modes to artistic and colorful, Enveloop allows you to start creating messages as soon as you sign up!

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Dynamic Content

Included with powerful editing and content control, you can quickly add dynamic variables to your templates and see how that content would render for your users.


Built for developers.
Used by everyone.

A powerful, but simple-to-use API is at the heart of everything we've built into Enveloop. This enables developers, and entire development teams, to not only remove unnecessary messaging code/cruft from their repos, but also reduce unneeded deploys for small content updates.

Enveloop is a high-visibility content management UI & editor for all your email and text messaging. Add as many team members and projects as you need!

A circle with lines emanating from it -- showing how the Enveloop API makes it easy to connect your applications to all your messages.

Simple & Powerful API

Enveloop's API gives developers the power to wield control over the often complicated (and quite unenjoyable and difficult-to-master) world of sending emails and text.

Along with ease of sending, Enveloop's API allows developers to remove configuration cruft from their codebase while increasing security, giving them simpler, more streamlined applications and the added benefit of not having to constantly monitor and update libraries to stay with changing standards.

Less Deploys

The less configuration your code base has, the more reliable your deployments become and the less you have to stress each time you release updates.

Even better, as you move your email and text content to Enveloop, the less you have to deploy just to make minor content updates.

Visual Sandbox

Along with previews and testing you have when building texts and emails, Enveloop gives you a visual Sandbox environment to test API calls from your application.

You can easily see sets of senders as well as how the data passed would be rendered in a production environment, all from safe confines.


Simple & Fast.

Sign up with Enveloop and you can send your first email message in less than a minute. We handle all the complexity so you don't have to waste time managing a backend provider. All you have to decide is what to say and when to say it.


Emails, SMS, & more!

Not only can you create and manage all your email message designs in Enveloop, you can do the same for all your SMS / MMS messages and send those from Enveloop as well.


Easy to send

Enveloop includes useful templates to get started fast. Plus, with one-click test messaging, a powerful sandbox environment, and all types of API code snippets included, sending your messages is practically effortless!



All your message design and content is organized in one place, segmented out into the teams and projects you need. Easily invite in team members or your clients at no additional cost -- easing your workload.


BYOP (Provider)

Already have a messaging provider but looking for a better way to design and manage your messages? No problem! Along with easy sending via Enveloop, we integrate with all major message providers!


Deliverability is everything.

What good is a fast message that never gets to your user? SPF? DKIM? DMARC? You don't have to be an email protocol expert to use Enveloop. We handle the complexity and make sure you take all the right steps to maximize your inbox position.

Even more, our powerful editor allows you to create emails that will work in all popular email clients and browsers. No more struggling with client or OS-specific workarounds. We have you covered!

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Standards from the start.

Open envelope with letter

Email designs that work everywhere.

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Detailed logging of all sending events.


Team Empowerment

One of the biggest benefits of freeing your email and text messaging complexity from your codebase is adding your team to help. With Enveloop, it's easy to delegate. Add as many projects and team members as you need to be successful. It's all included!

All the content you send out now has high visibility. You have confidence in what your users are seeing and how effective the messages are.

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Easy to delegate

Add in all the team members you need to engage your messaging efforts. Add clients, too!

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Multiple teams and projects

Enveloop is all about teams. Add, at no additional cost, projects and teams as your needs grow -- safely separating your interests.

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High visibility

All the messages your applications send out, instead of being hidden in your code, are visible and available to you -- ensuring consistency and making it super-easy to update as you grow.

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