Beautiful app notifications. Built for developers.

Effective communication across multiple platforms and formats is complicated, frustrating, time-consuming to get right. Enveloop makes it a simple API call.


Complex communication made simple

Enveloop gives developers confidence that their app communication, no matter the audience or platform, looks right every time. Here's how we do it!



We provide default templates for common events and all the popular ways to communicate. You can quickly build out customized versions, matching your company branding, and have confidence your message is clear and accurate.

Simple API

Simple API

Communication should be simple, but with multiple types and formats, it’s often a frustrating experience for developers.

Enveloop handles the complexity and provides developers with a simple API, reducing endless possibilities into a simple string of JSON.


Less Deployments

With Enveloop, you can remove hundreds of lines of configuration and content from your app. Plus, you can empower others on your team to handle communication while you send over simple variables.



Beyond sending simple communication, you can integrate with other apps like: Stripe, Shopify, WordPress, and more. Set up triggers and automatically send emails after events happen in your integrated apps.


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