About Us

Enveloop is a developer-focused message builder and API that makes it easy to design & send beautiful emails and texts from your app using one simple implementation. And you don’t have to be a designer — we’re focused on making developers look awesome. 🤩


Why We Built Enveloop

Developers create apps. Apps need to talk to users. Simple, right? Unfortunately — multiple APIs, maintaining message content, design standards, delivery standards, handling failure/retry -- you have to figure it all out, and, over time, it all becomes scattered in your code.

We’ve built a graceful service that solves this. It’s simple for developers, collaborative for consultants and their clients, and ready for fast-moving product & development teams. It’s Enveloop.


Meet Our Team


Jason McCay



Ben Wyrosdick



Brandon Mathis

Lead, Front End Engineering


Jennifer Driskell

Lead, Design and User Experience


Abbey Greenberg

Lead, Marketing

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