Build beautiful messages.

Send with a single API.

Effective communication across multiple platforms and formats is complicated, frustrating, time-consuming to get right. Enveloop makes it a simple API call.


Your apps want to talk to your users!

Developers create apps. These apps need to talk to users. Simple right?

Unfortunately, the need for communication quickly gets complicated. Multiple APIs, managing message content, design, formats, delivery standards, handling failure/retry -- you have to figure it all out and, over time, it all becomes scattered in your code base.

We’ve built a service that solves user messaging. It’s simple for developers, collaborative for consultants and their clients, and ready for fast moving product & development teams. It’s Enveloop.

Less Deployments

With Enveloop, you can remove hundreds of lines of configuration and content from your app.


Support for Markdown (fast formatting) and Mustache (dynamic content)


You can empower others on your team (or even your clients) to handle communication while you send over simple variables.


Simple API

Communication should be simple, but with multiple types and formats, it’s often a frustrating experience for developers.

Enveloop handles the complexity and provides developers with a simple API, reducing endless possibilities into a simple string of JSON.



We provide default templates for common events and all the popular ways to communicate. You can quickly build out customized versions, matching your company branding, and have confidence your message is clear and accurate.



Beyond sending simple communication, you can integrate with leading providers, such as: SendGrid, Mailgun, Twilio, and more coming soon!

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