Product announcements and latest updates to Enveloop

Jul 24, 2023

Changelog: Fun with AI and Variables

Hello from the team at Enveloop! A quick changelog update today -- a fun way to save time thinking up and populating test data. Check it out!

Using AI via Magic Fill to fill in variables

As you know, when you add in reference to variables (or dynamic content) to your email and text templates, Enveloop automatically generates input areas for those variables when you switch modes to Test. That's helpful, but it can still be a bit time-consuming to come up with realistic test data. As you'd probably agree, better test data allows you to better visualize your messages in the real world.

A brief animation of a group of variables having their values updated from a null value to AI-generated values that are contextually accurate given the names of the variables.
Like magic, Enveloop auto-populates your test data with a click of a button!

Now, all you have to do is click a button and, based on your variable names, Enveloop will use a bit of AI to generate and auto-fill your variables. It even comes with fun animation. It'll save you some time and, hopefully, make your development efforts a bit more fun. Try it out next time!